Jim Armbruster for Alderman


Daily Herald 3/20/09

In the case of selecting an alderman for Ward 4, the answer is relatively simple. Attorney Jim Armbruster, has served on the city's water committee and is beginning to take on a leadership role as an appointed alderman. He fully understands the financial problems ahead and is committed to addressing the needs for better access to water and road improvements in all areas. Moreover, he demonstrates a cooperative approach to government. Mark Saulka, an independent businessman making his first foray into local government, also offers a common-sense, reasoned approach to city leadership, but he lacks Armbruster's intimate experience with Prospect Heights affairs. Former alderman Gerald Anderson also is running again, but it's Armbruster whose experience and personality offer the best hope for building a strong local government

(4/01/09) Armbruster Right Man for the Job in Prospect Heights
The Journal & Topics Newspapers endorses incumbent James Armbruster as 4th ward alderman.
In the 4th ward race, Armbruster has the experience and commitment to continue on the council. You will find few elected officials as motivated to help residents in need. Armbruster's law background and knack for savings will be of great help to a city with struggling finances.

" I appointed Jim last year to take my place as the 4th Ward Alderman. He did not let me down. He has represented our Ward with passion. It is clear we share the same values and love for Prospect Heights." Pat Ludvigsen, Mayor of Prospect Heights

It has been a pleasure working with Alderman Armbruster. Alderman Armbruster has shown great commitment by helping to create the city's finance committee and his idea's and work have already helped save the residents of Prospect Heights thousands of dollars. I look forward to working with Alderman Armbruster in moving our city in a direction of fiscal responsibility and accountability to all of our residents.
Richard Hamen, 1st Ward Alderman

I support Jim Armbruster for Alderman of Ward 4 because he has demonstrated a very high personal regard for the welfare of our City in a very short time. He has spent his own time and money becoming involved with various important community issues, has advocated for the concerns of his constituents, and holds a very high ethical standard as a public official. What more could we ask for in a representative on City Council? He deserves our respect and admiration for doing a job that only a very few would accept. As a resident of Ward 4, I will vote for Jim Armbruster on April 7th with confidence..
Richard Tibbits, Treasurer of Prospect Heights

Jim Armbruster is fiscally conservative, as proven by his willingness to carefully review the finances of our City, looking for any remaining waste to be trimmed. He is also realistic enough to know we need additional reliable revenue and he seeks out the least painful methods of providing it. Though our politics differ, I respect his independence and willingness to work toward solving City problems.
Darlene Ahlstedt, Former 5th Ward Alderman

I have had the pleasure of working with 4th Ward Alderman Jim Armbruster since his appointment to the City of Prospect Heights City Council. He was instrumental in the forming of the Finance Committee and worked diligently to pass the resolution to give residents with wells to the right to keep their wells during the passing of SSA 6and once the city wide water system is formed. His insight and abilities to think outside the box are a breath of fresh air to the Council. He is serving his Ward with integrity and dedication. He thinks city wide not just ward wide which is very hard for an Alderman to do myself included. I am looking forward to working with Jim for many years to come.
Bree Higgins, 5th Ward Alderman

Jim Armbruster for Alderman

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